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The Place Within (5-piece alternative band)
Little Things Buried in Concrete (2013, Inner Ear Records)
In live performances Logout combines natural instruments, sampling and live-looping with digital art projections.
“The production is quite a departure from the stripped-down sound of LogOut's previous album, Paper Plane Flight Recorder, which we featured a track from last year. But his ear for a catchy melody remains unchanged.” - Dezeen
OCCII, Amsterdam 18.1.2020
Bios, Athens 29.6.2019
Romantso, Athens 29.12.2019
N91° (2019, Tiny Room Records)
Indie, full-band sound, produced by Hristos Lainas.
Album Releases:
Folk songs translated into synth soundscapes.
“The record is a true desert island disc, with no set rules, making it impossible to pigeonhole. A bewildering trip through the mindset of a kaleidoscopic musician and poet” - Here Comes the Flood (2019 top-20 album inclusion)
• Paper Plane Flight Recorder (2011, Inner Ear Records)
Participations on tracks by fellow artists
Bare-bones folk songwriting.
Logout is a singer/songwriter & producer from Athens, GR, currently based in Amsterdam, NL, making indie songs with occasional greek folk references.